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Welcome to the course Build Cloud Apps in Go. I'm Markus, your teacher.

I'd like to give you a short introduction to the course. Not about the course content, but what I want you to get out of it, and how.

I want you to succeed

I want you to imagine yourself after you've taken this course. You've worked hard. Put in your precious time to learn what I have to offer. Read the content, done the programming, finished the quizzes. And now, you've gotten some new skills that you can use in your Go programming career. On top of that, you've built a web app that you can use as a foundation for your next cloud project.

You feel good about that. You've put on your party hat, and little children dance around you, singing, throwing flower petals. Okay, maybe not that last part with the dancing, but definitely the party hat. 🥳

This is what I want, too. I want you to finish the course and learn everything in it, so you can build great new web apps. In theory, I could be happy when you've paid the money for the course and then never look at it again. But I won't be. If you only get a third way through and then give up or forget about it, I've failed as a teacher.

I promise I will do the best I can to lead you through the course. In return, I want you to promise that you'll try really hard to learn. Learning new material isn't easy, and failing is human, but if you don't try at all you will definitely not succeed.

How to learn

Learning is hard. But there are ways to make it easier. I'm using a learning method called spaced, interleaved retrieval to teach you better. What does that mean?

  • Retrieval means that I will ask you to remember what you've learned. This can be hard, but when it's hard it sticks in your brain better than when it's really easy.
  • Spaced means that the retrieval doesn't happen immediately after you've learned, but after some time has passed. This makes it harder to remember what you've learned, and as you now know, then it works better.
  • Interleaved means that the retrieval is on a different topic than the one you just learned, maybe two or three topics ago. Again, this makes it harder to remember, and then it works better.
Bonus: Make It Stick

So in this course, you'll be asked to remember what you've learned previously, but not the usual "quiz at the end of the chapter" you might know from books. I'll check regularly that you still remember what I taught a while ago. Then you can always go back and re-read if there's something you've forgotten.

And of course, we'll be programming a lot, so you'll learn by doing as well.

Learning still takes effort, but we'll make it as easy and fun as possible!

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