Meet Markus

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Hey! My name is Markus. I'm your teacher on this site.

I've taught at university during my Master and PhD studies, both in lecture halls and in hands-on classrooms. You'll be in good hands with me. 😊

I never finished that PhD, because I found out my heart is with good software craftmanship, not academia. Besides building courses on this site, I'm a professional Go software consultant. I mainly build scalable cloud systems for clients big and small. Previously I've worked on Uber's storage infrastructure team with a lot of great software engineers. I also write open source software for Go, such as the popular gomponents view library.

On a more personal note, I live in Aarhus, Denmark, with my girlfriend and my little son. I'm an electronic musician and hardware synthesizer nerd, photographer, diver, happy yearly music festival guest, minimalist, and glitter enthusiast. My parents were and are both teachers, and I admire them for that, among many other things.


Reach out at support@golang.dk.