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Build Cloud Apps in Go

A complete course to teach you everything you need to know to build web apps in Go that run in the cloud.

If you would like to see the work-in-progress course, feel free to start at the introduction.


Build Cloud Apps in Go is a course about learning to build web apps that run in the cloud. We will start from nothing and work our way to having everything you need for a modern web app.

You will learn step-by-step, by building an app called canvas. When you have finished the course, the app we have built together will be ready for your idea, like a blank canvas is ready to be painted on. You will have:

  • A web app with a frontend, deployed and running in the cloud
  • Server-side-rendered views built with HTML and TailwindCSS
  • A containerized, stateless app that's easy to maintain (and scale, if you need that)
  • A relational database connection ready to use and evolve
  • Transactional email for notifications to your users
  • Proper logging, monitoring, and error reporting
  • A testing suite that gives you confidence when making changes, but still lets you move fast
  • A test and deployment pipeline that makes it easy to get your changes out fast and safely
  • …and more

We will keep a focus on writing production-ready code like an experienced programmer would (called idiomatic code) that's easy to read and maintain. And it's not just about building the app, but how to keep it running as well.

If some of these words don't make sense to you yet, don't worry: I'll explain everything along the way.

Who is this for?

The course is for you if you

  • have some experience with Go already, or know another programming language enough to learn Go along the way
  • want to learn building cloud apps quickly and efficiently
  • want everything you need in one complete package (no tutorials from different websites or way too long videos)
  • are tired of subscriptions and just want to buy one course that you can access forever

Your teacher

Hey! My name is Markus. I'm your teacher in this course.

I've taught at university during my Master and PhD studies, both in lecture halls and in hands-on classrooms. You'll be in good hands with me. 😊

I never finished that PhD, because I found out my heart is with good software craftmanship, not academia. Besides building courses on this site, I'm a professional Go software consultant. I mainly build scalable cloud systems for clients big and small. I also write open source software for Go, such as the popular gomponents view library.

On a more personal note, I live in Aarhus, Denmark, with my girlfriend and my little son. I'm a wannabe musician and hardware synthesizer nerd, photographer, diver, happy yearly music festival guest, minimalist, and glitter enthusiast. My parents were and are both teachers, and I admire them for that, among many other things.

Content available so far

The course is a work-in-progress. The available sections so far are:

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